What is up with New Years Resolutions? Like who invented this concept? I am not a total scrooge when it comes to goal-setting; goals are obviously important and provide guidance and whatever, but there is just so much pressure with New Years resolutions and I am really all set with it. I have made several [...]

Amateur Hour

I am a mom who wants to be tech-savvy, but really isn't. However, I am very well-equipped to navigate any and all social media. I excel at checking social media frequently. I have received numerous A's in the social media field and have even made Deans List due to my Instagram excellence. But when it [...]


I am a mom who loves Christmas. I fuckin LOVE Christmas. I'm not sure when Christmas decided to get hooked on steroids, but I am all for it. Call me an enabler, but the more roids Christmas can get ahold of the better. I feel like Christmas wasn't as big of a deal when I [...]

First Post

Hello people of the world, So I have been wanting to write a blog for some time now, and every time I go to actually write it, I get very lazy and end up online shopping (and then I don't even buy anything). I'll be honest and share that I am very nervous to write [...]