Amateur Hour

I am a mom who wants to be tech-savvy, but really isn’t. However, I am very well-equipped to navigate any and all social media. I excel at checking social media frequently. I have received numerous A’s in the social media field and have even made Deans List due to my Instagram excellence. But when it comes to other technology stuff I’m really no good, which is why I preface the following video with this tidbit of info about me. I wanted to make a movie, so I did. I like to pretend I am a perfectionist because all the other perfect moms are perfectionists, and I just wanna fit in! But I am not a perfectionist. I am more of a “well this seems so look decent so lets go with it”, (which is why Maddy frequently looks like she just came home from playing at the town dump and we don’t even have a town dump).

So I made a video about Christmas and I put it in all black-and-white because it made my face look a teensy bit better than what it actually looked like. I chose to film this with my iPhone because I do not have any other type of camera, and I also chose to film this wearing zero make-up because that is how I usually look. I also got nervous because I look like I have 1800 chins in a couple of these shots, but I mean whatever. I can’t always stretch my neck out like an ostrich in videos because I don’t actually look like that. So basically I don’t want anyone to be too confused when they see me in real life accompanied by 1800 chins.

My brother is a legit video editor and I did consider consulting with him on this little project, but then I decided that this blog is specifically about not doing things perfectly so I decided to wing it and see what happened. It’s not about to be nominated for an Academy Award, so please lower your expectations.

I hope you enjoy it!



(I did make a version of the video without the two giant black bars on either side but it ended up being WAY too big and my face was just gigantic on the screen. I made the executive decision to not force that upon any viewer).

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