A Snowday on a Saturday

My Saturday morning started off with a missing hockey skate. No, it wasn’t Maddy’s hockey skate that was missing, it was Greg’s. Somehow Greg lost ONE hockey skate, which I really do not understand. Where could ONE hockey skate go? It would be pretty obvious if it fell when he was walking to/from his car, as hockey skates are pretty heavy. It would be pretty obvious if he had left the sharpening place with ONE skate instead of the two he dropped off, but we called them and they didn’t have one lone skate laying around looking for it’s brother. After what felt like a ZILLION years went by while looking for this skate, accompanied by intense amounts of stress and so many feelings of resentment on my end, the skate was not found. However, Greg did have a backup pair to use, and I really couldn’t tell you why we just didn’t fucking resort to that option sooner.

Greg, I love you (so very much), but please buy leashes and GPS collars for all your shit because I am losing my shit over your lost shit.

Before heading to Maddy’s hockey practice, I obviously had to make a stop at Dunks. I arrived at the rink with my large iced (skim milk, four splenda), happy as can be now that I have my fix, and then the worst possible thing imaginable happened. I knocked my coffee over, spilling and splattering everywhere. DONE. GONEZO. NO MAS CAFE.

Dude, it was rough. Someone who worked at the rink told me not to worry about the mess. Like I gave a fuck about the mess. My coffee was GONE. I don’t think its necessary to elaborate any further.

So to make a long story even longer, I got over it (barely) and watched my little girl kick ass on the ice. I love watching her play hockey, probably because I played for so long, so it’s sorta selfish but in a good way. After practice I obviously had to go back to Dunks and get a new coffee, which took legit 20 minutes because the storm was coming and people in Boston lose their shit if Dunks becomes unavailable for any reason.

Despite a really annoying first half of my day (due to fake problems like Dunkin Donuts), the rest of the day worked itself out. When we got home Maddy asked me to go play in the snow with her. Somehow I agreed to this. Usually I load her up in her snow clothes and throw her outside because I am not six and I don’t really enjoy being cold and playing in the snow. I literally have NO idea why I agreed to go out with her, but I wasn’t about to fight a good thing happening. When those moments come up where I genuinely don’t mind playing with my child, I try and run with it.

I couldn’t fit into my snow pants because I am six months pregnant (I had to wear Greg’s overalls and even then I couldn’t zip them). Since I am kinda (really) lazy and didn’t want to walk anywhere to go sledding, I covered the stairs with extra snow and she just sled down those. We spent about a half hour doing that and luckily there were no injuries so I can chalk the whole thing up to a successful experience for all parties.



We ended the day with some painting, leftover mac and cheese, some random tiny thing of ice cream Maddy somehow found in the back of the freezer, and a kids movie where she passed out halfway through (is there anything better?). I should also note that I was craving the meatloaf I had made last night, but there was none left. So I decided to just whip that up real quick, and as expected, it was delicious. Sometime I amaze myself with how good of a cook I am.


So are snow days with children great? No. They aren’t. You actually have to do shit and occupy them because for some really weird reason they don’t enjoy do absolutely nothing/napping all day. But they can turn out to suck less sometimes, like today. I have to remind myself that one day she will be old enough to go play with her friends on her own on days like this and how happy that will make me, for very selfish reasons.

I hope you enjoyed your snow day and found something decent about it. If not, just be grateful your significant other didn’t wake you up at 7AM on a Saturday looking for one fucking lost hockey skate.

“Dog”. An Original Madelyn Moscatel. 2017. Oil on Canvas. (Not freehand)


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