Marchin’ on a Saturday

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted on this blog and I do apologize to all my dedicated readers. I know how hard it must be to go without knowing what I have been up to and my latest thoughts.

I took Maddy to the Women’s March in Boston yesterday and figured I would share some pictures. I am not gonna get political on this blog but I figured that a march to celebrate women’s rights and overall equality isn’t really too revealing.

The T ride into the Commons was pretty fucking brutal. I brought my stroller because I didn’t feel like listening to Maddy complain later on that her feet were tired, and because I am pregnant and lazy. Since this was a march for women, no one was really too upset about my stroller on the subway. And even if they were they weren’t allowed to express that because we were there to celebrate women, so I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. So I am on the T, giant jogging stroller in tow, and it is jam packed. Couldn’t move, could hardly even breathe. So this dude comes on the train and squeezes himself behind me and essentially forced my body to a hovering position over the stroller. I tried taking my backpack off to allow for some extra circulation, but he was squeezed so closely on top of me I couldn’t even do that. Leave it to a dude to ruin a day for women. Thankfully Maddy started to rub my pregnant belly and basically announced to everyone on the train that I was with child, so all the women felt bad for me but the guy still didn’t ease up. (Ten bucks says that guy was not headed to the March).

The rest of the day was great. We met up with some friends and ate some pizza outside. The kids played in some grassy spot that was most likely filled with rat shit. It’s all good though, they had a great time. I tried to explain the significance of the event to Maddy and she sorta, kinda, didn’t really get it at all. I told her one day she could tell her grandchildren she attended this historic event, to which she replied “But mom I don’t have any grandchildren”. Well I tried.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon:


(Maddy had to make sure we included her granola bar in the picture).





I hope you all had a great weekend. We are currently watching the football games and I just told Greg I needed to put my feet up (he was hogging the ottoman) because I am pregnant and his response was “Not today you’re not”. Gotta love playoff season.

Have a great Sunday!

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