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A few weeks ago we took a little jaunt to NYC for MLK weekend. We had a really awesome time despite it being kinda chilly most days. I was being all spontaneous and suggested we leave a day earlier than we were going to, which was a really awesome idea until we got caught in a giant rainstorm on the way down. Leave it to me and my spontaneity.

Little trivia about me is that I spent one year living in the city for my freshman year of college and I really loved it. I forgot how much I missed that smog and subway people who offer free food. (Maddy was pissed I wouldn’t let her take a SARS banana).

Greg and I both are total city-dwellers, so this type of getaway is ideal for us. We chose one major museum/attraction to hit each day and then would just walk around that neighborhood the rest of the afternoon. It was a great way to fit in the educational or touristy things we wanted to do and then explore the city the rest of the time. We absolutely brought our stroller even though Maddy is six because we are not morons nor do we want to listen to Maddy complain about walking. There were definitely a couple times where she played on the phone while we enjoyed a leisurely stroll, and I don’t feel bad about it.

The first stop on the trip was the Museum of Natural History and it was awesome. If you are a parent, or just a human in general, I’m sure you’ve seen A Night at the Museum. We obviously had to find “Dum-Dum”, the dude who eats all the gum. Maddy kept asking us if we needed to bring gum for him and didn’t fully understand that the real statue did not chew bubblegum. Highlight of that day was that it was like 65 degrees outside and we spent the afternoon strolling around Central Park and landed on a pretty dope playground where I sat and watched Greg play hide-and-seek with Mads since I am taking full advantage of my pregnancy laziness.

We also took her to the Met (we chose the museums that had a suggested donation for admission because it seems like are surviving just fine without a full-price ticket from us). The night before we went we talked all about the mummies we would see the next day, and guess what her favorite part of the museum was? The fucking fountain that sat in the middle of the room that had no artistic value whatsoever. Sounds about right.

Overall the trip was really great and we can’t wait to go back in the summertime. Probably our favorite thing was the Empire State Building, although it was insanely windy. Maddy didn’t really understand how insane that view is, but she kinda appreciated it. It was more for us anyways though so I’m not too upset about that one.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend:








(I only added this because incase you don’t follow me on snapchat, Greg thought this was something a girl would wear to the ‘game’.)


 (UM HI, that banana pudding was unreal and I don’t know how to live without it)



(Please appreciate my hoodrat hat)





(Dancin’ in the middle of Times Sq. I love that she will dance anytime, anywhere. Greg obviously joined in)



(My new favorite family picture. Love Greg’s blue steel look. WURKKKKK)

Happy Sunday!

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