Cape Cod in 24 Hours

Happy Memorial Day!

We spent 24 hours down the Cape yesterday, and when I say 24 hours I mean like 29 total. We woke up at 5am on Sunday (which really is kindof normal these days because it’s when Jack likes to start his day), and were on the road by 6. We did so many activities I thought we were in Stepbrothers. We were going to hang around today for a couple extra hours to lessen the blow of a quick trip, but it was pouring so we decided to get the “F out of D”, as Greg so delicately put it.

The weather was awesome yesterday and we spent most of the day with family. The kids had a great time despite a few moments where I thought I was going to lose my fucking mind. I have to get into a better practice of telling myself they are only kids for a little while and going with the flow is better than running the show (had no idea I was gonna rhyme there but I’m excited about it).

Here are a few pictures of our 29 hours down the Cape. We won’t ever do that again but I certainly don’t regret it.

FullSizeRender (44)

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FullSizeRender (44)

FullSizeRender (48)
Maddy’s missing tooth is the most endearing thing I’ve seen lately.

FullSizeRender (47)

FullSizeRender (42)

FullSizeRender (43)

FullSizeRender (46)
Looked over and saw these two TKO in the same position and couldn’t help myself.
FullSizeRender (50)
Took a Mama-Maddy date when we got home today and it was actually a really nice time. It was nice to remember I do enjoy hanging with my kid.

FullSizeRender (51)

Hope you all had a great long weekend!

Why Having a Newborn Sucks

Before I dive in, I just want to share that I began writing this post three weeks ago on my phone while sitting through Maddy’s swim lesson. It’s was a time where both children were occupied (Jack was snoozin) and my brain actually remembered that I have a blog and it might need some attention. I have a feeling a great majority of my future posts will be started on my phone while sitting at some type of child-focused event.

So anyways, having a newborn sucks. And I really do mean that in the most loving way possible so don’t get all judgey and assume I don’t love my baby. I fuckin love that baby. But how else can one describe a life in which they find themselves waking up three times a night only to have their tits sucked on? Does that sound like a good time? (As I write that last sentence I realize for some, 3x a night of tit sucking may actually sound like a good time in a different context. Sorry mom if you’re reading this).

You all know I love a good list, so here is a list of 5 reasons why having a newborn sucks.

Lack of Sleep

The sleep deprivation that accompanies newborn life is just one very long game of Russian Roulette. We keep pulling that trigger until one of us has a break with reality. So far I’ve been the winner.

Hormones. Everywhere.

You might think this one only applies to the mother, but if you ask Greg (or any spouse/partner/roommate/human being in the general vicinity of a woman who just gave birth) you will quickly learn all parties are affected by postpartum hormones. They are intense. They are inconvenient. They are irrational. For example, I’ve found myself bawling at “The Voice”, and then raging mad about leftover toothpaste in the sink. There is no in between. There is no safe space.

Personal Hygiene (Or lack there of)

Okay so I am not a smelly person in general, and I have not let myself go to the point that I’m in need of an intervention. But I love a hot shower and my daily shower/occasional two-a-days are long gone. I’m onto an every other day situation and dare I say I may have gone three days in a row without a good rinse sometime in the last eight weeks. Deodorant and dry shampoo are saving my life and those around me. I’ll add that I haven’t had a haircut in the last five months so my hair is just throw into some type of messy bun, and combined with the irregular showering, I just look more homeless than usual.


Jack is not the hungry one, I am. They say that when you’re breastfeeding you need 500 extra calories a day. I cannot find the time or energy to eat real meals. The closest I’ve gotten to a real meal in the last week is apples with almond butter. (By the way if you haven’t tried almond butter you really need to). I keep Pinteresting meal prep ideas but those little meal prep elves seem to have forgotten my address.

General Overwhelm-ness

I think the hardest part of newborn life is how overwhelmed I am at any given moment but somehow my legs haven’t given out yet. How do people function on a physiological level when they have a new baby?! I am doing it and I don’t understand. The word “function” is a pretty relative term for me, as I’ve just shared that I’m close to having a break with reality, I’m crying over TV singing competitions, I’m somewhat smelly, and I consider a toddler snack a real meal.

Other moms out there: please share any tips you’ve gathered along the way. Unfortunately I cannot afford a night nurse like Debbie from “Shameless” so I need options that don’t include starting an illegal business for funding.

I will close with the fact that I think the only reason why parents make it through this phase is because we are just so in love with our new little bundles of love. While the logistical changes to my life sucks, the overwhelming amount of love that consumes me on a daily basis is fuel to keep my kid alive.

And here are a few pictures!

FullSizeRender (38)

FullSizeRender (37)
Either making the “OK” sign or he is just very Italian.
FullSizeRender (39)
Attempt at a picture of the three of us. Captured J’s double chin well. 

FullSizeRender (40)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

A New Musky

Jack First pic

So incase you didn’t hear/see on social media, I had the baby. But most of you already knew that because 99% of the people who read this blog come from my Facebook/Instagram friends so it’s kinda old news. But I’m still gonna write about it.

His name is Gregory John Moscatel Jr., and we are calling him Jack for a nickname because I have a low-key obsession with the Kennedys (JFK was called “Jack” as a nickname for John). I’m into the whole name thing, but I have zero interest in our family becoming a cursed political royalty and suffering years of unfortunate events. However, I would not be opposed to inheriting some of Jackie-O’s clothing so if anyone knows anyone who can hook that up please let me know.

Jack was born on April 2nd which is only a little bit of a bummer because the lottery for free preschool in my town is March 31st. Can’t win em all. Other than that minor issue we couldn’t be happier with the latest addition.

Life with a newborn is pretty 50/50. Maybe more like 90/10. We are still in that phase where we find ourselves lovingly gazing at him and saying, “how did we make such a cute baby?”. I mean we might be a smidge biased but I know a cute baby when I see one, especially my own. The only thing that isn’t super endearing is his mixup of night and day lately. It’s really fucking with my head a little bit, but I can get over it because he is just so fucking cute I can’t even get mad. For those of you who have had a newborn, I’m sure you can relate.

I just wanted to do a quick check-in and let you all now we are alive and sleep deprived (new blog name?), and very much in love with our Jack. I think my next post will be all about why having a newborn sucks, but in the most loving and not-at-all cruel sense possible.

Have a great weekend!