Baby Shit I Actually Like

Sometimes I feel like I became a parent in the wrong era. I envy mothers who gave birth in the 1950's, when there were no carseats, an abundance of chemicals, and birthday parties were made up of store-bought cakes and party hats. I would have thrived as a mom during that time period, and probably [...]

Strugglin’ on a Saturday

Today was one of those days where nothing really went right, but nothing really went wrong either. We jumped around from eating breakfast out, to a sand castle carnival, to the beach (aka the Res aka kindof gross water but also where I'm having Maddy's birthday party because its cheap and easy). Greg and I [...]

July 4th in Maine

I know it's like two weeks late, but I finally sat down tonight to edit/upload some photos from our week in Maine for July 4th. I wish I could blame this delayed post on my two kids and how super busy I am but honestly I've just been lazy. (Also my current Netflix binge of [...]

Dating my Daughter (No, I’m not Woody Allen).

Before Jack was born, Maddy and I did stuff together all the time (obviously). I would call these outings "Mama-Maddy Dates", and she could kindof care less because thats literally all we did anyway, so the title didn't matter much to her. But now that Jack is here, I've taken her out a few times [...]