Dating my Daughter (No, I’m not Woody Allen).

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Before Jack was born, Maddy and I did stuff together all the time (obviously). I would call these outings “Mama-Maddy Dates”, and she could kindof care less because thats literally all we did anyway, so the title didn’t matter much to her. But now that Jack is here, I’ve taken her out a few times just the two of us, and so far she has really been into it. She actually appreciates our alone time and the only reason I know this is because she has verbally confirmed it by saying, “Thanks mama for just taking me out today”. But before I can swoon over the cuteness and be all “Awwwww she really does love me”, she follows it up with, “I like having Jack around but sometimes when we go out he cries, and then we have to leave so you can feed him and I can’t look at toys as much”. (The majority of our outings take place in TJ Maxx).

I started reading Harry Potter to Maddy earlier this year. It can be pretty dense at times for a six year old, but I like that it forces her to pause her brain and just practice listening to a story. She actually has to pay attention and I quiz her periodically while I’m reading to see if she is actually listening. It’s pretty 50/50 and I usually have to go back and re-read some part or explain what is going on. A friend told me that they have an illustrated version of the first and second books, so I immediately ordered those and they really helped her have a better idea of what was happening in the story. She knew that there were movies made and so I made a rule that we could only watch the movie after we finished the book. She didn’t like this rule because she is inpatient and she is six.

We finished the first book when I was pregnant, and when we watched the movie together I ordered Chinese food (cause I was lazy and hungry) and we had a little picnic in the living room. It wasn’t exactly easy for me to eat like that since at the time I looked like Peter Griffin, but she was all about it. So after we finished the second book last night, I promised we would watch the second movie today and we would order Chinese food just like last time. I got Jack down to bed early and we had a little Mama-Maddy Date at home. It was just what we needed after we had a shit afternoon together yesterday and I was considering sending her to Timbuktu because thats where all parents threatened to send their kids in Disney movies when they were mad at them.

And on a side note, I gotta tell you- I am so impressed with myself about this tradition because all the involved parties are happy, and its really fun to share my love for HP with my girl (It’s very nerdy and I DGAF). And if you want to pass your Harry Potter obsession down to your kids but aren’t sure if they are too young, I really recommend checking out the illustrated versions I mentioned earlier. Here is the link for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1)” and here is the link for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 2).

(I meant to take pictures of our little home date tonight, but I only remembered after we ate all the food and were knee-deep in Tom Riddle’s diary. So the picture above isn’t great quality but as usual I DGAF).

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