July 4th in Maine

I know it’s like two weeks late, but I finally sat down tonight to edit/upload some photos from our week in Maine for July 4th. I wish I could blame this delayed post on my two kids and how super busy I am but honestly I’ve just been lazy. (Also my current Netflix binge of Parks and Rec has been taking up the majority of my time after I put the kids to bed).

We were in Ogunquit which is a really nice little town. Ogunquit used to belong to the gays but us heterosexual assholes had to swoop in and take over because it has such a beautiful beach and also it’s bougie AF. It’s always the gays who discover the good shit and we really ought to spend more time thanking them. Sometimes I feel bad about this land acquisition but my dad owns a house up there, so I’m really not going to stop going. (Also if you’ve been there and have hit up Maine Street can you tell me how it is because I need to go).

July 4th in Ogunquit was LIT. There was a huge dance party thing going on at the beach before the fireworks started. Greg started dancing while I was in line for ice cream and of course Maddy joined. So many people were taking videos of them rocking out and one woman even came over to show us her footage. It was awesome. I’ve been waiting for the videos to go viral and pop up on my Facebook feed but I guess I’m gonna have to become famous the hard way.

I promised Maddy we would bake a cake for the 4th, one of those Pinteresty/Ina Garten flag cakes. I was not about to whip this thing up from scratch so I bought a box of cake mix, a can of frosting, some non-organic berries and called it a day. I allowed Maddy to frost and decorate the cake (though it was really hard for me to not control the sitch) and we brought it to the beach to eat while watching the fireworks. It was one of my better parenting moments of the trip.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from our time up there!

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Jack’s first time at the beach and he was not feelin in. By day 3 he had figured out that he could nap at the beach and skip the whole experience. Win-win for all. 

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My brother teaching Maddy how to use his new drone. He woke up on morning and took her to the beach at sunrise to fly it and take some pictures- it was really sweet. 
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If you are in the area, please check out “The Scoop Deck”, towards Wells. They have a shit ton of flavors and the kiddie size is $2.50 which is SO CHEAP. 

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Maddy started “reading” a picture book to Jack one day on the ride home from the beach. It was so cute I almost died. He pretended to listen which was really nice of him.




Always down to dance. (You can see the girls in the back swooning over the scene. I get it ladies). 



Jack would NOT smile for this photo shoot but Maddy’s smile here is gold. She loves her brother so much and it kills me.


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  1. HAHA that part about your man dancing and you seeing the girls in the back swooning and totally getting it…What a fun trip!!

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