Two Lists, One Bitch (Vol. 3)





5 Things that Really Grind My Gears

  1. People thinking Beyonce actually wrote her album “Lemonade” about her father cheating on her mother. Guys, no. Jay cheated on her and that obviously has been proven fact recently and I honestly couldn’t be happier. JAY CHEATED ON BEY AND SHE DIDN’T WRITE AN ENTIRE FUCKING ALBUM ABOUT HER DEADBEAT DAD.
  2. The girls at the pool today who were being mean to Maddy and I had to set them      straight. Also when one of them told me Maddy made them “almost drown” because she had to dive in the 4ft pool to get her toy. No.
  3. My Uber driver two weeks ago who was driving me to Lansdowne Street but had no idea how to get to Fenway. How are you an Uber drive in Boston and don’t know how to get to Fenway? I literally had to give him instructions.
  4. When I snapchat GirlWithNoJob and she doesn’t answer me. WTF Claudia?
  5. Jack’s recent sleep regression. Waking up a few times a night, or at 5am in general. Oh and when it was Greg’s turn to get up with him, he sleeps until 630. CMON DUDE.


5 Things that Really Rev My Engine

  1. Catching the sunrise this morning (pictures above) with my two little nuggets. I love a good sunrise. If Jack is gonna insist on waking up so early we might as well take advantage.
  2. When Maddy sat down ON HER OWN to snuggle with Jack and watch the sunrise. My little mama heart grows three sizes when she’s sweet like that.
  3. Jay Z releasing his album, confirming that he did cheat on Bey. This Jay/Bey situation has made both lists just because I am so fucking happy about it.
  4. The acai (not doing the accents on the letters, sorry) smoothies I have been making lately. Even if I think I sound like an asshole by saying “I make acai smoothies”.


(And one more because this moment just made me so happy).



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