Funny Shit Maddy Says

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If you’ve never met Maddy, you should really figure out a way to hang out with her. Her schedule is jam-packed with camp, track, and Shopkins, but I bet you can work something out. When she’s not rolling her eyes at me, she really is riot. Sometimes I post our funny conversations on Facebook, and I get a lot of likes on those posts so I guess that means people like them. Nothing like Facebook likes to give you a boost of blogging confidence. So over the past month or so I’ve been writing down the funny shit Maddy says for all of you to enjoy.

(We’ve been reading Harry Potter)
Maddy: “Mom, I’m a wizard you know”.
Me: “Oh yeah?”
Maddy: “Yeah, I can move stuff with my eyes”.
Me: “Like what?”
Maddy: “The leaves on the trees”.
Me: “Show me”.
Maddy: (Walks over to the window. Wind is blowing. Leaves move).
Maddy: “See?”

“How many dollars is 30 dollars?”

(Talking about Katy Perry)
“Can I hear one of ‘Cherry Peppers’ songs?”

Maddy: “Dad, Dumbledore is sending me something in the mail soon”.
Greg: “Oh honey, that’s just a story”.
Maddy: “Dad you’re just a muggle”.

(Watching Beauty & The Beast)
Maddy: “Mom, I’m Belle and Lumiere”.
Me: “Yeah honey, I know”.
Maddy: “Yeah and you’re the clock”.

Me: “Maddy you have over $100 in your allowance”.
Maddy: “Yeah I know I’m saving up for a car”.
Me: “Oh yeah? Like a real car or a kid car?”
Maddy: “Like a Toyota”.

Maddy: “Mom how much does our hotel cost?”
Me: “What hotel? Do you mean our house? Do you think our house is a hotel?”
Maddy: “No it’s a museum”.


Does your kid say any funny shit? Or is this shit not really that funny and I’m just becoming one of those moms? If so, please tell me. I won’t be upset.

Have a great week!

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