My Skincare Faves

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If you knew me anywhere between the ages of eleven and eighteen, I truly apologize. My skin was so oily and gross that one boy actually asked me why my forehead was so bumpy. Since I had a major crush on him, that comment made me feel really great about myself.

It took a long time for me to establish any type of skincare routine. I also hate that term, skincare routine, it’s another asshole sayings in my opinion. Like I am not being featured in a magazine, I need to relax. But nonetheless, it has happened. I am officially old enough to realize the importance of taking care of my skin.

I’ve dabbled with a bunch of different products. Some helped, some not so much. Over the last few years I’ve received compliments on my skin and every time I hear it I make the Taylor Swift surprise face. Me, the chick who was asked why my forehead looked like a bubbly slice of pizza, is now complimented on smooth and clear skin.

Since bloggers love to share their tips and tricks on random shit, I figured I would share some of the skincare products I use. I also threw in a few men’s products for all you dudes out there that read my blog. (And full disclaimer, if you purchase any of these products through the link on my page I will make like ten cents. The holidays are coming people, help me buy Maddy another overpriced, underused Hatchimal).


Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty

This mask is seriously LIT. I decided to purchase it after it was mentioned in about ten different Buzzfeed articles, and I am so glad I did. It has changed my life. It is so refreshing and I’ve noticed a major improvement in my skin since using it. The best part? You can use it up to four times a week and it won’t dry out your skin. So you know I am meeting that quota.


Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask

Clear_Pore Cleanser Mask

This was one of the first masks I used that I loved. This shit literally peels all the disgusting off your face, and you feel every second of it. If you leave it on too long it burns, so I don’t recommend that. It also doubles as a cleanser and I use it for that all the time. For the mask, it’s better if you limit it to once or twice per week. More than that and you might start to look like Freddy.


Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer

Dual Action Moisturizer

I discovered this moisturizer a while ago, and it’s my tried and true. This is really lightweight and I love that is kills two birds with one stone. Not much else to say, just know you won’t be disappointed.


Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment

On the Spot Treatment

Confession: I like to pick at my pimples. Sometimes I want to let them go so I can get on that Dr. Pimple Popper website, but then I find myself puking so I quickly reroute. I’ve learned the hard way that when I pick at my pimples, especially those deep and painful ones, it leaves a scar. I use this cream when a new one creeps up. It dries it out and within a day or so is gone. Fuckin’ magic.


Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning

I admit I agreed to buy this because I am low-key obsessed with Grease. Turns out my instinct was spot on because this stuff is incredible. It’s a cleanser, but you don’t have to wash it off. Perfectly suited for my level of laziness. It literally makes your skin feels like as smooth as a baby’s ass. I am not making this up, I was just as surprised as you’ll be.


Bath & Body Works “Sleep” Shower Gel

Sleep Shower Gel

I got this as a Christmas present, and let me just say my uncle knows his way around Bath & Body Works. I love the consistency of this stuff and more importantly, the way it smells. I don’t know if I actually sleep better because of it but I do know that the placebo effect is worth the price. Whatever works people.


Bulldog Original Face Wash & Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Bulldog Face Wash

Bulldog Moisturiser

These two are for the dudes, or if you are a lady with man skin then have at it. I bought these products for Greg a few years back because he loves bulldogs and he likes clean and young-looking skin, so it seemed like a win-win. I was right. Guys, do not believe your skin doesn’t need attention. It does. Don’t get wrinkly.



So that’s my list. If you take anything away from this, it is to purchase the Mask of Magnaminty. Seriously, just do it. You will never look back.




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