Jack, the baby male model.

I never have, and never will, be one of those mothers who carefully coordinates outfits for their children. I am fashionably inept; my goal when it comes to dressing my kids is to avoid looking like bums who beg for bread on the street.

About a month ago, LavenderSun reached out to me because I suspect they figured out Jack is being raised by a mountain woman who needed some assistance in the clothing department. After checking out their site, I said YUP SIGN ME UP! Guys, their clothes are so cute and affordable. The outfits look like something Kimmy K would throw North or Saint in (and I guess Chi now too- still not into that name but she didn’t ask for my opinion which was a weird moment in our friendship) but for for one zillionth of the price.

It’s also worth mentioning the quality of the clothing. I love a bargain, but what I have discovered throughout motherhood is that cheaply-made clothes do NOT wash well. This really sucks when your kid goes through three outfits a day and you aren’t a zillionaire (really into the zillions on this blog post) that can afford to just keep buying and buying and buying clothes. I took this outfit for our camping trip last week, washed it during the trip, and low and behold the dirt and grime from camping were gone. GONE!! Clean!! What?! The clothing is so well-made, and perfect for little movers and shakers like Jack. No stiff shorts getting in the way of him finding the most dangerous place on the playground, his favorite activity.

Here are some snaps of Jack’s debut model appearance wearing one of my favorite outfits from LavenderSun. He took his work very seriously and would not smile. (He is legit Zoolander).

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Here are some other outfits and clothing I really loved while browsing their site. If you are pregnant, please purchase the “Straight Outta the Womb” onesie. I just need to see that in person.

If you like what you see, use the code “MOMSWHODGAF10” for 10% off your entire order!




A very big thank you to LavenderSun for sponsoring this post!

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