Dating my Daughter (No, I’m not Woody Allen).

Before Jack was born, Maddy and I did stuff together all the time (obviously). I would call these outings "Mama-Maddy Dates", and she could kindof care less because thats literally all we did anyway, so the title didn't matter much to her. But now that Jack is here, I've taken her out a few times [...]

Becoming a Mom (again)

Mothering doesn't come natural to me. I'm not trying to be self-depricating, I'm just stating the facts. When I became a mother it was a choice, not a calling. I am no Charolette Yorke and I never will be. I have to work really hard at being a mom, or at least a decent one. [...]

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my Unmarried Domestic Parter, my favorite human around. If you haven't met Greg yet, you are really missing out. I feel lucky every day (not all day every day because that would be weird and just unrealistic since he is very disgusting) that I get to co-parent with this guy. I [...]

Two Lists, One Bitch (Vol. 2)

I have not participated in my own late-night show/blog segment for a while now, and I gotta admit I regret it. I'm always making lists. I know I'm not the only one who makes a list and adds something that I've already completed so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it out. But lists [...]

A Sunday Kind of Love

Sundays are just the best, amiright? The best radio (thinking of you, Mix 104.1 Sunday Acoustic Sunrise), the best newspaper (that I haven't actually read yet today), and the best company (my fam). We started the day with a birthday party at a playground, which was perfect because Mads ran around for literally three hours. Did [...]

Melatonin: The Pink Elephant

Fuckin' sleep man. Is there anything better than sleep? If you say spending time playing stupid games with your kids, then you're lying. I do not love playing stupid kid games, but it comes with the parenting gig. I will oblige when necessary, though I would much rather take Maddy to a playground and let her [...]

Cape Cod in 24 Hours

Happy Memorial Day! We spent 24 hours down the Cape yesterday, and when I say 24 hours I mean like 29 total. We woke up at 5am on Sunday (which really is kindof normal these days because it's when Jack likes to start his day), and were on the road by 6. We did so [...]