Fear, Doubt, and Insecurities.

It has officially been one month since my last blog post. I've been MIA and it's mostly due to school (I had an exam every week for three weeks straight), but it is also due to some fears around what I am going to post about tonight. If you've read my blog before/know me in [...]

The Switch

I'm not sure how other parents feel about TV, but I am not under the impression that it is melting my kid's brain. Her brain is fully intact and there is no evidence of leakage, so I believe this whole idea of TV being "bad" is really just made up bullshit by the same parents who [...]

Working Girl

Wow, I have not been doing so hot keeping up with this blog lately. I mentioned it in my first post, but I am currently in school full-time, and I started this blog while I was on my winter break, so you can do the math. I really need to make some type of schedule [...]

The Big Apps

A few weeks ago we took a little jaunt to NYC for MLK weekend. We had a really awesome time despite it being kinda chilly most days. I was being all spontaneous and suggested we leave a day earlier than we were going to, which was a really awesome idea until we got caught in [...]

Got To Be Real

I came across this article today when reading another mom blog and it really got me thinking about the business of not only being a mother, but being female in general. I'll be straight up- being a chick can really suck sometimes. The level of perfectionism is so fuckin' ridiculous and unattainable and it only [...]

Marchin’ on a Saturday

It's been a hot minute since I have posted on this blog and I do apologize to all my dedicated readers. I know how hard it must be to go without knowing what I have been up to and my latest thoughts. I took Maddy to the Women's March in Boston yesterday and figured I [...]

Pregnancy Joys

So incase you didn't watch the video I posted a few days ago (rude), I am pregnant. I am not one of those women who enjoys being pregnant. I love the little prize that comes at the end, but I am all set with the pregnancy part and really feel that its an inconvenience to women [...]